Best ways to find roof leakage quickly

The roof is the central part of your home because you and your family cannot handle the climate severities without it. That’s why roof maintenance is essential, as it will help you know any problem related to your roof. Always remember that a minor roof leak will lead to significant damage to your home if you don’t check.

The smallest roof leaks can lead to big problems, including mold growth, entirely unhealthy for your home and family. So you should check monthly whether your home’s roof is in its best condition or not. But sometimes, it becomes challenging to find any roof leak, and in that case, you need some tips to guide you.

Locating the source of the home’s roof leakage is essential as soon as possible to prevent any extensive damage. So we are here to guide you with some tips and solutions that will help you locate any roof leakage in your home with ease. So don’t waste any further time, let’s move towards it!

Ways to find Roof Leakage:

Find out the first signs:

Generally, the roof leakage in any home signs with the sound of dripping water. After it, you will see the sight of dripping water on the roof. Take them as the first signs of roof leakage. When you listen to the sound of dripping water constantly, even in the absence of rain, it means your roof leaks, and it needs quick fixation.

However, other signs will help you know about the roof leakage. These signs require more investigation, but you first need to identify the source of the problem. These signs will not tell you where the leakage is happening, but you sense roof leakage after finding any of them. It includes:

  • Water stains on the ceiling
  •  A musty odor in some rooms
  • Warped or missing shingles
  • Spots on home’s exterior walls
  • Bulging patches on inside walls

Check your home’s attic:

After finding out any of the signs discussed above, you have to check for further investigation at which place the leakage is happening in the roof. Then, you have to climb up into your home’s attic and take a flashlight with you for that purpose.

After reaching the attic, find out any mold or black marks, water stains on the roof sheathing, and rafters with the help of a flashlight. Then you will know that either the problem is small or big. If the cause of roof leakage is small, you handle it yourself, but you need to call a professional for a big problem.

Make the rain on the roof:

This method is applied when you can’t find the roof leakage source by using the above two ways. You can use this method when your quick inspection fails to identify the source of roof leakage. In this way, you will perform a rain dance on the roof after reaching the rooftop.

But for that purpose, keep one person inside the home near the place where you have noticed the roof leakage. Then, with the aid of a ladder, reach the rooftop and use a garden hose to make rain. Pour the water on one section at a time and tell the helper to shout out when they see any dripping inside the home.

Try to move slowly from one place to the other on the roof by spending some minutes in each section. If you follow this technique, you will be able to identify the leakage spot quickly and easily. If the helper sees the dripping but cannot locate the spot, tear up the suspected area’s shingles to find the leakage.

Solutions to roof leakage:

After identifying the problem’s spot and size, you will move towards the solution. So let me elaborate briefly for you on what you should do in case of a small or big roof leakage.

Make minor repairs by yourself:

The minor problems that cause the roof leakage can be repaired yourself if you have some knowledge and tools. Commonly, these problems cause roof leakage, and you can quickly repair them at home in some time.

  • Leaks around vents, window edges (reapply caulk around them)
  • Damaged shingles (replace them with new ones)
  • Damaged vent boots (fix plumbing vent boots)

Call a professional:

If your roof’s leakage is complex and cannot be repaired by using DIY methods and tools, you should call a professional to spot the damage and help you repair it in a better way.


Small or big problems can cause roof leakage, but the main issue is identifying them. Once you have located the spot where roof leakage is happening, you will handle it using various solutions we have provided you. Follow these easy methods and find the roof leakage.