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Why drainage is important for a commercial flat roof?
In this article, we’ll be addressing your concerns regarding the drainage system on flat roofs and why it is so important to have a proper drainage system for a flat roof. First thing first, you should know that flat roofs are not legit flat. Every roof has a little bit of slope to move the water to a certain direction so that it can be drained from the roof. 
Quality of your roof and the frequency with which you’ll repair your roof mostly depend upon the drainage system of the roof. A good drainage system on your flat roof keeps it dry and increases its lifetime. The water doesn’t stand on the roof so it doesn’t penetrate through the roof and causes any damage.

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Why it is more important to have a drainage system especially on flat roofs?

While on roofs with slope, the water can easily slide down with the help of gravity but in the case of flat roofs, the gravity is useless. The water just sits there and makes a pond. Now, imagine having a teeny ting crack on your roof with the sitting water. What will happen? We know that it will result in leakage on your commercial roof. The water will penetrate the roof and will destroy your roof structure which might leave it beyond repairable if it is left like that for far too long. We know you don’t want this to happen. It is also important that you keep on checking your flat roof from time to time or you can appoint any roofing professional that can do this for you so that the problem can be immediately identified and can be repaired. Also as soon as you see any drainage problem or water sitting on your roof, contact your roof contractor as soon as possible. Apart from this, you should take into consideration your chimneys and vents as they can cause the water to get into the roof structure.

Complications that can arise from ponding or standing water:

Ponding water can cause many problems-some of them you might not be aware of. We’ll go through each one of them in detail so that you can avoid the chaos caused by it. 


If you want to avoid repair costs then you don’t certainly want these little creatures to live on your roof. If there is a pond of water on your roof, you can certainly provide them with habitat. They will start building nests there which will cause damage to your property. You have to take control of the situation before you miss the boat and for that, you need to have a drainage system that doesn’t let water stand on your roof. 


Standing water provides a breeding ground for the mosquitoes and they can multiply very fast. Certainly, you don’t want to have lots of mosquitoes on your roof which can carry and spread diseases. Ponding water has a lot of germs in it and this provides the best place for mosquitoes to grow. 

Plant growth:

Plant growth is another problem you might have to face because of the standing water. Although plants are not bad, you don’t want a plant sprouting out of the roof causing drainage problems and roof destruction. 

Fungal growth: 

Moss, mold, and mildew prefer wet conditions and they will destroy your roof. Mold spores are always present in the air and they find places where they can grow. They grow in the moisture and so your roof becomes vulnerable. It will go layer by layer in the roof and will end up in the commercial property which might not look very aesthetically pleasing. 

Algae that can also grow due to water standing on the roof might not cause many problems but if you have mold then after removing the water, you might have to opt for treatments to remove it completely.

Wearing of the roof:

Pond water can also void you of the warranty of the roof if you don’t pay attention to it for long enough. The water will seep through the layer of the roof until it reaches the last layer of your roof and into your building. Tears caused by it might be irreparable so it’s best to do something after knowing that there is water standing on your roof. 

Types of flat roof drainage systems:


With its more pros than cons, gutters on the roof can prove to be an effective way to drain water. They are installed at the edges of the flat roof. The slope is made towards the gutter. The water moves towards the gutter and protects your roof from standing water. One challenging thing about gutters is that sometimes the debris gets stuck in them and you have to remove it for proper drainage. 

Roof drains:

Roof drains can be another option that you can go for. They are attached to the internal system that runs the water away from the roof. Covered in filters and placed in strategic areas, roof drains can help you in all seasons.  These drains are out of sight but the thing is that they are costly. They are also costly to maintain and clogs can cause severe problems if not looked after properly. 

Scupper drains:

Scupper drains are worth the money you invest in the drainage system. They need little to no maintenance and can be highly efficient. They are seamless and drain water in such a way that there is no chance of it getting stuck on the roof. Scupper drains might not be very good when it snows but they can efficiently handle heavy rainfall. Also, there should be a slope of the roof to make scupper drains work.


We’ve told you about different problems that sitting water on your roof can cause. A lot of roofers like this South Jordan roofing company will give you the advice to get it fixed as soon as possible otherwise you’ll end up spending more money. You can contact us anytime to get this problem fixed. Make sure you have proper drainage. Also, keep checking whether the drainage system is working properly or not. Keep inspecting your roof after rain to avoid this kind of condition.

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