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“This company is great. They have an amazing customer service and is keeping me up to date with the status & progress of all of the work being done around my home. Our home was a mess before they arrived, but it looks brand new now…sometimes I even forget this was my house. Thanks SC Shelter!”​

“This company is one of the only ones in the area that offers welding, cranes and heavy equipment as a specialty. They are very quick to offer solutions for anything, espeically salvage risk claims. Inside management is all about being customer focused and innovative to provide excellent service. Highly recommend SC Shelter roofing for any job!”​

“SC Shelter roofing is a great company. They rebuilt my roof and quickly had the job finished! I love the way it looks, what a difference from before. We will definitely be needing their services in the near future, just have to keep an eye on those other shingles.”​

“I want to send a big shout to SC Shelter roofing who I had been reading reviews on – they were very responsive and provided me the best advice, materials, and values throughout my project.”​