Looking for a way to support Homeless Service Center activities, but don't have time to contribute?

If so, the new HSC Legacy Society may be what you're looking for.

Its purpose: to expand the tradition of giving, solidify the HSC's financial foundation and help magnify its programs through gifts and bequests from community members.

What kinds of gifts can you give through the Legacy Society? The most familiar kind of planned gift is a bequest: a gift passed down through a will or living trust. By making provisions in advance, you can make a contribution at a later time without diminishing your assets during your lifetime.

As an additional benefit, setting up a bequest entitles you to an estate tax deduction (often up to the amount of the gift) thus reducing your estate and federal tax. This can offer substantial tax savings.

Retirement plans or life insurance policies that name HSC as a beneficiary are other choices, as are on-going giving plans, such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

To join the Legacy Society or to receive more information, please call the HSC Development Office at (831) 458-6020 x2101.



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