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To email admin or program managers
Our email format is as follows:

Mailing address for HSC Administration:
PO Box 1319, Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Mailing address for HSC Participants:
115-D Coral Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

HSC Campus Addresses:
115-A Homeless Persons' Health Project
115-B Rebele Family Shelter
115-C River Street Shelter
115-D Daytime Essential Services Center & Paul Lee Loft Shelter
119 Page Smith Community House


Jannan Thomas (to start October 1, 2014)
Executive Director
Shelley McKittrick, MA, MNM
Director of Programs
831.458.6020 ext. 3110
Email Shelley
Alyssa Willett
Director of Operations
831.458.6020 ext. 2104
Email Alyssa

Valerie Thomas
Director of Community Relations
831.458.6020 ext. 4113
Email Valerie
Karla Patterson
Operations Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 2105
Sibley Simon
Interim Development Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 2101

Shannon Fletcher
Community Relations Coordinator
831.458.6020 ext. 1112

Jennifer Bymun
Volunteer Coordinator
831.458.6020 ext. 1102
Administration Fax: 831.316.5010 

Rebele Family Shelter

Mary Triulzi, MSW
Family Center Program Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 1103

Melanie Chacon
RFS Case Manager/Program Assistant
831.458.6020 ext. 3108

Valerie Verdugo
Senior Case Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 1105

Page Smith Community House

Jack Tracey
PSCH Program Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 3111
Email Jack

Sigrid Erro
Recuperative Care Center Coordinator & Case Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 1104
Email Sigrid

Kelly Curlett
Page Smith Community House Case Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 1104
Email Kelly


Daytime Essential Services Center

Danny Contreras
Daytime Essential Services Program Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 4104
Email Danny
Stephen Nelson
Campus and Community Service Coordinator
Email Stephen

Residential Services

Chris Monteith
Residential Services Program Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 4107
Email Chris
Gina Matthews
Lead Case Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 4108
Email Gina
Dexter Fallen
Paul Lee Loft/Winter Shelter Project Assistant Manager
Email Dexter
Joe Price
Housing First Case Manager, 180/2020, HOPE
831.458.6020 ext. 1108, 831.252.1581
Email Joe
Jeff Goodyear
Housing First Case Manager, 180/2020/SSVF
831.458.6020 ext. 4102, 831.334.9192
Email Jeff
Kris Younggren
Housing First Case Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 4112
Email Kris
Tatiana Stone
SSVF Outreach Case Manager
Email Tatiana

Campus Safety

Charles Bonner
Neighborhood Relations and Campus Safety Program Manager
831.458.6020 ext. 4106
Email Charles

180/2020 (formerly 180/180)

Phil Kramer
180/180 Campaign Project Manager
Email Phil

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